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Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal service and leaves skin with a smooth and silky texture. Waxing reduces hair growth and results last more than 4 weeks. We offer thoroughly professional, effective and comfortable face and body waxing for both men and woman.

We use Nufree wax, Hard wax or Soft wax for our services depending on the client skin.

Eyebrows $12

Lip $8

Brows and Lip $15

Chin/Cheek $8

Full Face $20

Classic Bikini $20

Extended Bikini $25

Brazilian $35 (women only)

Maintenance $30 (4weeks)

Buttocks $20

Under Arms $20

Full/Half Arms $30/$25

Full/Half Legs $50/$30

Back/Chest $60

Full Body $200

Waxing Tips: If you have sensitive skin, you ca n stop by for a patch test. Hormonal Shifts can cause discomfort, during and after your period. Hair should be a minimum of a quarter-inch if it’s fine: coarse hair needs to be a half-inch long before waxing.

Tanning Beds- Please reframe from using a Tanning bed the week your getting a wax service. Spray tanning is fine 48 hours prior.

Clients using Retin A, Accutane, Glycolic Acid, or Alpha Hydroxide treatments should stop using them for at least a week before your wax appointment. They make the skin fragile. In this case the facial hairs can be tweezed.